Ezra Seigel

Ezra Seigel

The feelings that I try to touch upon, I'm sure are not new.  However, my desire is to paint something fresh and for our times.  My paintings are both empty and full, ordered but yet improvised.  They suggest "Minimal Painting" but exhibit a human touch, with the hope that the viewer can experience beauty through imperfection and subtlety.

I begin the canvas by preparing the surface with a homemade gesso (a mixture of paint and plaster). This mixture allows me to control the degree of smoothness and absorbancy of the paint surface. This is key to my technique which follows up with multiple layers of washes and thin paint (sometimes up to 30 layers). This allows me to create subtle and nuanced color and tone.

It's not until the final stages of the painting when things begin to fall into balance, that the painting takes on form and expression. At first my art suggests "minimal painting", but with time and close inspection, they exhibit complexity with fluctuations and imperfections within the background, outlines and interior shapes.

I've spent 30 years of exploring forms, shapes and paint surfaces to create something that is both simple and complex. The more time spent with my paintings, the more they stimulate the emotions and intellect of the viewer.


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